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Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria and being the youngest of 4 older sisters, I was fortunate enough to shadow my mother who owned a restaurant during those times. I watched her make many popular dishes from scratch and eventually become her right-hand wo(man). Memories, skills, and experiences I harnessed at this young age set a foundation for my personal growth as a chef.

My favorite part from watching my mother cook was the careful and methodical process of marinating, cooking, and mixing most of our favorite Nigerian meals while using organically grown and freshly made ingredients. As we all know, being a mother is time intensive and I was preoccupied with that until one day I decided to just START! I started baking and cooking as those are the activities that brings me the most joy and happiness…well, aside from being a mother of course.

In January 2012, I started D’alys Bakery (now known as De-Ola Bakery), which focused mainly on Bread, Chin-Chin, and some popular Nigerian pastries that we all grew up loving. As the saying goes “You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable”, I decided to research other pastries and delved into the world of baking in order to expand the different products I offer; That is how De-Ola Bakery was born. Now, with De-Ola Bakery I offer more products like Spring Rolls, Samosas, Cakes, and many more. I value constant innovation, so I will try my hardest to continue to churn out new ideas and recipes

Again, I’m so glad you are here and cannot wait for you to try my dishes, which are all made with love.


Iddy Alabi